This technology is Russia’s pride

As I write these lines, I am sitting in ICE 228 to Dortmund. People are traveling with me, fleeing the murderous war in Ukraine. They are tired, exhausted – but safe. A woman traveling with a baby has an injury to her face, caused by splinters from a shell.

Russia’s army, which is invading Ukraine, has been upgraded for years. In 2020, it ranked eighth in the world according to the Global Militarization Index; according to the Global Firepower Index, Russia has the second most powerful armed forces and the strongest army in the world. In this research into Austrian and Russian company books and annual reports, we show that part of Russia’s weapons production was the responsibility of an „Austrian manager“: we will be talking about Siegfried Wolf.

Publicly Wolf denies ever having had anything to do with military production. We received no answer to a Semiosis inquiry to his media spokesman Josef Kalina. But others did.

Research by Tano Bojankin and Sebastian Reinfeldt. [Update 3/18/2022 and extended 3/20/2022] This is the English version of Diese Technik ist der Stolz Russlands